Your Solution for Controlling Inventory Borrowing, Lending, and Accountability. Made for the Medical Industry.

Want to recover over $1M per year, reduce labor costs, and increase performance?


Managing the
+1 million lends
every year.

Coordinate between departments, regions, or nationwide. LendMed sources through the network to establish immediate lenders of supplies on demand.

Over $10 Billion worth of assets leave hospitals every year.

LendMed makes sure those assets come back.


Small or large, insure your quality of care. Robust transportation for high-value commodities.


Any schedule, any control. Request pharmaceuticals on demand with secure and compliant transportation.

Standard Equipment

Never worry about exhausting standard inventory items such as IV stands, wheelchairs, or other routine patient equipment.

Single Use

Disposables and single-use items, such as sponges, sutures, and bandaging at a moments notice.

Increased MSPB-1 & HCAHPS scores.

Stronger performance and care mean better funding for operations. LendMed can increase your evaluations and patient care, resulting in lowered spending per beneficiary.

Ready to keep your borrowing and lending in sync?

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Simple, In Depth, Requests

Simple, In Depth, Requests

A simple press of a button sends requests to similar-stocked departments.
Immediate Approval

Immediate Approval

Instantly, requests are presented for immediate approval.

A Digital Lending Network

LendMed creates a digital network of kiosks, smart-phone applications, and web portal throughout your region and nationwide. With intelligence, LendMed knows which other members on the network have the items you’re looking for.

Courier Connected

When you need an item beyond your facility, LendMed immediately detects when the item is prepared and dispatches the courier system. Whether you have a dedicated courier, or want to use our couriers, LendMed provides you secure transportation for any item.

Upstairs, Next Door, or Across the Country

With LendMed’s intelligent requesting system, borrow items interdepartmentally, across town, or across the country. Every item is tracked and monitored to insure accountability.

Easy Itemized Requests and Reports

Send invoice like requests to your lendees to instantly request items due. Keep continuous track of borrowing trends and values. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.39.04 AM

Detailed Reports

Keep a close watch on reports, including:

  • number of lend outs
  • number of borrowed ins
  • length of items lent out
  • length of items borrowed in
  • value of items borrowed
  • value of items lent
  • percentage by category
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.39.15 AM

Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Title II Compliance

Complete tracking compliance when lending pharmaceuticals

Hundreds of features so intuitively designed, by renowned designers and engineers, that you don’t even need training.

But just in case, we provide training anyways.

  • Features

    • Pharmaceutical Items
    • Non-Pharm Items
    • Create Requests
    • Approve Requests From Others
    • Reclaim Lent Items
    • Track Transportation Progress
    • Itemized Accounting
    • Detailed Reporting
    • Robust Security
    • Activity Logging with Photo Proof
    • DSCSA Title II Compliant
    • Track Lot Numbers and Expiration Dates